Irving Green

As an artist I have explored many mediums including experimental filmmaking, photography, sculpture and painting.  Over the last 30 years I have migrated from large welded steel sculpture to wall mounted natural wood sculpture, on to painted wooded wall sculpture and finally to painting.  

As a painter, I re-create or re-discover myself each time I am in the studio. I work on several paintings at a time, as I find it interesting to work in different visual formats simultaneously. While one is drying, I am exploring a different avenue to express my concept of 'visual poetry', where the disparate brushstrokes and other painterly marks form and alter the collective meaning of the whole. Color, line and form become abbreviated ‘language’. 

I avoid the use of easily recognizable imagery because that use blocks the power of the paint –I believe that the paint must communicate directly. Verbal description gets in the way of visual realization and as such, I don’t want to interfere with a viewer’s natural ability to perceptually discover direct meaning. The subject matter is developed in an intuitive, improvisational process. 

I have a B.A in sculpture & painting from U.C. Berkeley and an M.F.A from the U. of Georgia    ::    704-502-3687