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Valerie Hoh

Valerie Hoh

Hoh Couture

2018- New Year, New Work.

Valerie Hoh - From fashion to jewelry to art sculptures.

Hoh Couture fashion and Afro-Beat jewelry combines Hoh's passion to hand build, carve, paint and stitch on fabric and clay. Both complement each other for a unique style that resonates with her clients.

Inspiration - Wabi Sabi - The Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection.
Who knew? Valerie's love of uneven stitches, frayed edges and crazy patches on her Hoh Couture collection is a popular aesthetic called Wabi Sabi in Japan. It inspired all her collections, named after music, from Rock & Roll and Reggae Rags to Rumba Wrap.

Rock & Roll - glamorous tops and jackets, embellished to the max with glitzy materials.
Reggae Rags - hand painted, hand stitched linen collection with cool frayed edges.
Rumba Wrap - lacy creation of interesting fabrics worn as a scarf or headwrap.

Afro-Beat jewelry are hand built ceramic pieces. Carved, fired, sanded and waxed, then assembled using industrial tubing, washers and grommets to achieve a tribal look.

Every year or so, Valerie strives for a completely new genre to feed her creative expression.

2017 was her year of putting on rubber boots and gloves, going to trash dumps and keeping her eyes on the ground to pick up little treasures to create her latest obsession - ReWorx - Objet D'art for the table.
The Ikebana series ( The first in her ReWorx collection) is the artistic combination of metal gears and parts, interesting organic branches picked up on her walks in the neighborhood of Kenilworth and finished with hand built clay flowers and birds.