Kenilworth Artists Association

Valerie Hoh

Art Hoh

Hoh Couture fashion and accessories, Mixed media collage and assemblage

Valerie Hoh has been showing her unique fashions and ceramic art jewelry in an annual Key West fashion show and at the Kenilworth Art Tour for the last 10 years.
This year, she is excited to include her latest work in mixed media collage and assemblage. Through five decades of creating art in different but related genres - in textile design, fashion, ceramics and my latest - mixed media art, she has been drawn to the random and the imperfect, from uneven hand stitches in the fashions to the rough and natural finishes in the ceramic art jewelry.

“Inspiration can come from anything and everything just has to touch me, excite me in a visceral way. Travels to foreign lands, a fellow artist's work. I know it has grabbed me when I lie awake at night obsessing over how "it" can inspire a new design, or even a new collection. Inspiration also comes from the simplicity and tranquil elegance of a Japanese Zen garden but also the excessive exuberance of Gaudi's art and architecture. Derelict buildings, rusty metal, a beautiful flower in its last full bloom, all hold a beauty that is undeniably alluring.

In Japanese society, the traditional and the modern exist harmoniously side by side. The modern initiative of re-purposing objects old and new is what I am striving for in this new series. Mixed media has become the latest expression of my textile, fashion and ceramic art interests, while incorporating re-purposed and unusual materials as an integral component of the collages has opened up unlimited and exciting possibilities in a style I call JAPANESE MEETS INDUSTRIAL.

I prefer the discipline of working in diptych and triptych forms, where visual connectivity is achieved through color, form and pattern composition. Making use of multiple images and sculptural metal embellishments allow infinite and inventive choices but often, it's as much subtracting as adding that makes a design work. Finally, my hope is to do work that not only satisfies my own artistic sensibilities, but that the discarded gears from a scrapyard and the mundane items found in the local hardware store, are elevated to something more than their parts - into art works that will connect in a meaningful way with the viewer."

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