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Marianne Soufas

Marianne Soufas

Asheville’s own Flying Weiner Circus is back.....with new works!

Marianne Soufas is the creator and proprietor of the Flying Weiner Circus. The ‘circus’ was invented several years ago and has been entertaining dog owners (especially weiner owners) for a few years now. This year, at the Kenilworth Arts Association Studio Tour (Memorial Day weekend) you can see all the weiners in their full glory, plus some new works from Marianne. All functional porcelain pottery, the Flying Weiner Circus is in full gear!

Marianne Soufas is a retired Asheville physician. She worked for many years in private practice at Community Family Practice and switched course about 15 years ago to become a hospice and palliative medicine doctor. All the while, she dreamed of the day when she would have the time to truly develop the Flying Weiner Circus. Well, it’s ON! Come see her work at the KAA Studio Tour or write to her for a private tour. There’s always a few weiners lying around!

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