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Lisa Carlin

Lisa Carlin Designs

Sterling and bead jewelry

Lisa Carlin’s formal profession as a microbiologist has greatly informed her artistry as jeweler; wending themes from the biological world into her whimsical, elaborately patterned metal, stone and bead work creations.

Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lisa delighted in the natural world, spending much of her childhood collecting and transplanting native species into an abundant wildflower garden in her North Asheville yard. There a surprising and delightful patch of bloodroot, trillium and Oconee bells flourish and endure in the shade to this day. In this way, Lisa has spent her life creating art out of nature.  And, as in nature, where two plants may be simultaneously identifiable as the same species yet unique, all designs share Lisa’s distinct imprimatur, and no two creations are truly ever alike.

Sterling Jewelry by Lisa Carlin
Sterling Jewelry by Lisa Carlin
Sterling Jewelry by Lisa Carlin