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Racole Tackett

Racole Tackett

jewelry design

I love working with raw fresh water pearls ~ the colorful nacre and varied textural surfaces inspire and bring great pleasure. They are mysterious, like snowflakes, no 2 are exactly the same. According to Dr. Peschek-Bohmer, pearls ~ first worn by Queen Achmenid 4,000 years ago ~ are believed to have legendary healing properties that promote wisdom and contentment well into old age when worn close to the skin.

My jewelry designs are comprised of raw fresh water pearls and other gem stones, including: amber, amethyst, citrine, coral, jasper, lapis lazuli, and faceted quartz. I began making jewelry when I lived in Germany, and since moving to Asheville in 2005, the blessings of this environment have enhanced my life, relationships and creativity.

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are modern expressions of a traditionally classic look ~ jewelry for daily wear, or for dressier occasions. I invite you to get your family heirloom out of the drawer ~ let’s create a unique design that you will wear with pleasure. For those not in the Asheville area we can meet via FaceTime. 

To schedule time, contact me at 828 337 8665 or email: 

Four strand bracelets and earrings with raw fresh water pearls, turquoise and jet
A treasure chest of raw fresh water pearls and other gem stones
Necklace with white, raw fresh water pearls