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Shannon Lucas

Shannon Lucas

Statement necklaces featuring vintage buttons and chains

I have been making handicrafts as gifts for family and friends for decades, and have always been a lover and avid collector of handcrafted jewelry.

Several years ago, on a trip to the beach, I purchased a necklace made of buttons at a gallery. My mother loved it and suggested I make her one. On her next visit to Asheville, we picked out the buttons at the fabric store and some other baubles from the bead store. Together, we created a stunning piece. Shortly after that, she discovered her and my grandmother’s button tins in storage and passed them on to me. They were filled with mid-century buttons, mainly plastic, in vivid colors and intriguing shapes. I made several more necklaces as gifts and even sold a few on request.

Then one day, browsing in a local antique store, I stumbled on a large stash of Victorian shell, metal, and glass buttons. I spent hours in a reverie, handling and looking at those little works of art, carved, molded and inlayed in such painstaking detail. This serendipitous encounter led me to begin actively collecting buttons, especially those made of natural materials such as shell, vegetable ivory, wood and metal. These materials introduced a whole new level of quality to my necklaces which now also include vintage chain of all different gauges. I love making them and hope others will enjoy wearing them.

Vintage Button Necklace by Shannon Lucas
Vintage and Craft Button Necklaces by Shannon Lucas
Vintage Tagua Nut Necklace by Shannon Lucas